Why cycle?

Healthy and Fit?

5miles a day keeps the doctor away – and the psychiatrist! No need for caffeine on arrival nor alcohol on return as that ride will distress even the most trying of jobs and 5 miles cycling = 30mins daily exercise and you arrive relaxed.

Eat what you want – those calories become fuel not fat which furs the arteries! Cycling will help you burn unwanted fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Convenience and Cost

No need to allow time in case traffic is bad – judge your journey to the minute, stopping at red lights but going to the front means no queueing for you.

No worries about parking or paying the meter – just lock up well outside or get a folder and take it inside – easy!

Rising fuel costs? Not for you – unless you need that sticky bun but that’s fun!

Something in that shop catch your eye? Pull over and have a look – simple!

Extended journeys are easy with train and a bike

Sociable Community and the Feel Good Factor

Don’t know your neighbours – dashing from house to car? With a bike, you make friends with everyone you pass, a smile and hello or a chat if you’ve time.

Remember the AA salute from a passing motorist? Cyclists greet each other in recognition of fellow mankind and don’t hide behind a glass screen of anonymity.

Feel the elements on your skin, even the wind and rain inspire. The smell of spring and grass and glimpse of field over hedge that no-one else can see.

Its only fair on those to come after us

No-one can doubt his responsibility to lessen his impact on our environment. Would you take a plane for 50 miles so why a car for 3 miles when a bike would do and do it in 15mins – its horses for courses but without nasty emissions! Play fair and go by bike