How we can help you

Most folk can learn to cycle if they can balance well enough to walk.   If you don’t use it though  you can lose the confidence to cycle even if you once could.   Don’t despair – have a look at our award winning video ‘Back to Biking’ which followed a group of determined 70somethings  rediscovering the joy of cycling.  Some folk can cycle who find walking difficult.

Your lesson will commence in a traffic free zone with an assessment of your present cycling ability and not assume any skill so you wont feel out of your depth.  It is not just your ability that we check, but your bike’s roadworthiness and you will be advised what is needed so you can get it done.  We will ask you about your aspirations for cycling whether to improve health and fitness, as a mode of transport or for pure pleasure.  

Come along and try these :

  • advice on what bike to buy, what to wear, basic bike maintenance
  • practical step by step instruction to get you started  – Level 1a
  • teaching and building each skill learned  such as use of brakes, gears, balance, steering, bike control in readiness for road riding   –   Level 1b
  • road skills  such as  positioning,  timing,  looking   –  Level 2
  • advanced cycling skills  such as roundabout management, traffic filtering, hazard perception   –  Level 3
  • school or college based courses to all Levels of National Standard
  • accompanied riding to increase your road confidence
  • individual training or group sessions
  • parent and child training
  • route planning for all journeys on all types of road  (except motorways!)

All training complies with National Standard Levels 1 –3 but tailored to needs and ability